Haran Rasalingam BA(Hons) DipCHyp HPD NLP Prac MNCH

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis for language learning

How does it work?

Speaking another language is rather like driving a car: it's no use reading a manual, you have to actually do it! And this is the intensive and rewarding environment we have created with our Hypnosis for Language Learning courses.

As a language expert and hypnotherapist specialising in cognitive psychology, Haran Rasalingam is ideally placed to create the ideal language-learning experience. Drawing from a range of modern language-teaching methodologies and the latest developments in instructional psychology, and combining them with hypnotic techniques of relaxation and confidence-building to create the ideal learning environment, you can learn to speak another language starting from scratch and reaching a confident level of competence very rapidly and enjoyably indeed. From the outset, you will be figuring out how to speak in your chosen language, building sentence after sentence in ever more complex combinations.

Haran graduated in Linguistic Science in 1993, specialising in languages of Latin origin, such as French, Italian and Spanish. A qualified language teacher, Haran spent a number of years teaching English as a foreign language in several countries and then teaching other languages to English speakers. Years of language learning and teaching led Haran to work on developments in language-teaching methodologies and eventually took Haran into the field of Cognitive Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Combining all these skills, Haran has developed his own unique language-teaching methods.

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