Haran Rasalingam BA(Hons) DipCHyp HPD NLP Prac MNCH

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Sports Performance

Johnny Wilkinson uses the NLP technique of anchoring to kick conversions. Ever wondered why some sports players always seem to raise their game and perform to the best of their ability when it really counts, while others seem to crumble under pressure?

Anyone involved in sport will be aware that a good deal of the battle in sport is psychological. You will be familiar with phrases such as 'in the zone', 'firing on all cylinders', 'stepping up a gear' and the like. Successful sports players are able to control their state of mind such that they have a psychological advantage which prevents them from underperforming or being overcome with nerves.

At Total Wellbeing, we work with your sports psychology using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP to help you to gain mastery of the thoughts, feelings and emotions bubbling inside you at times of high pressure and tension, so that you too can learn to hold your nerve when it counts.