Haran Rasalingam BA(Hons) DipCHyp HPD NLP Prac MNCH

Cognitive Hypnotherapy


Although phobias are often described as 'irrational fears', they very clearly reveal the normal biological human processes used to deal with danger. Seen in this light, a phobia is the consequence of a completely human response to events and it is more a question of how useful or not a person considers his/her response to be to particular dangers. Typically, a phobia can be traced back to a traumatic event in the past, the effects of which have caused the person to over-generalise their responses to apparently similar threats to the extent where they are found to be counter-productive. Phobias of all kinds can be overcome extremely quickly using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP. At Total Wellbeing, we use the 'Fast Phobia Cure' technique to deal with even the most severe phobias.